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esident DJ Cycleburner has never played one record in his life. In fact: His most famous stage moment included a donkey and 4 drunk midgets and had nothing to do with music! On top of that he is totally equipment challenged and wouldn't even know where to find the deck's 'on' button. So why is this guy on a website promoting talented DJ's? You tell us… We're still trying to answer that one!

Most likely it's because he is the original founder of Beatsfactory, a forward thinking music producer and a very active creative centipede. Dennis Houwers (Cycleburner) has, for the past 20 years, worked in every creative field possible as a graphic designer and music producer and is currently responsible for the design of this website, running his own graphic design company and working in the games industry as a promotional manager.

He also produces music in various genres from Minimal Techno, bass driven House to dark ambient soundscapes and experimental sound collages and his shows on Beatsfactory Radio will be as diverse! Expect the unexpected. As the owner of the Beatsfactory netlabel he has discovered and worked together with countless talented producers and he's keen on also introducing some of these talents to the Beatsfactory Radio listeners. Tune in if you want to listen to something different!

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