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esident DJ David Barlow's friend, a vinyl-freak, summed it up. "If you're gonna DJ with Traktor it's gotta be perfect." There's more to mixing than just mastering a pitch slider. Done that, been there, moved on. Picking tunes and arranging them to create a smooth, structured flow. Taking the listener high, deep or twisting them out - massaging their emotions and transferring energy. That's what makes a good mix. Mixing with Traktor David loops a beat, carries it on under a track to give it a different groove.

He can move back and forth through a tune and rearrange on the fly. He saves track markers and loops, though these are just guides but doesn't mean he can't improvise when he wants to !

He Quotes:- "So what am I playing ? I'm a selfish DJ, just playing what I want to hear. You can take it or leave it. It's sometimes robotic, sometimes soulful, sometimes for the dancefloor and sometimes just for chillin'. Have I got it perfect yet ? Na, still working on that!" Some people say that digital mixing is too easy. We say it's different.

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