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esident DJ Ivan Melnik was born in a Grodno, Belarus. A small European city with a little over 300,000 inhabitants is responsible for this DJ's humble roots. He began his training in the electronic music sphere as a young boy first experimenting with techno music on the turn tables aged only 13! Growing up during the surge of popularity of techno music, he was blown away by the first techno record he listened to in 1999 his passion was kick started. At age 19, he received his first residency at a club which at that time was Grodnois's newest and most popular venue, 'Колизей2000'.

In 2005 he released first mix CD, "House Mix 2005" on the label Club Central. He released two more year end mixes in 2006 ('Windmill') and 2007 ('Feel Good'). Ivan, along with another popular Belarus artist, DJ Noble, founded and began teaching at what remains Grodnois's most successful DJ Academy. In the spring of 2009 he releases his debut album "Airport Wars" on the English label 'Istoma'. In March 2010 he was invited to play at WMC Miami one of the biggest festivals of the year which features DJs from over 75 different countries worldwide. After WMC he released his first stateside remix for DJ ID CRUST on the track "Bass Breathing (DJ Ivan Melnik Breaks Mix)", which was featured on a compilation released by Metronix Recordings WA.

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