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esident DJ Korpex started spinning vinyl in the late 90's in the capital city of Techno itself, Berlin. His technique is a reflection of Berlin's first class mixing and set building. Today you can hear his musical roots in groovy loop based Tribal techno/Hardgroove.

He played his first big gigs under the pseudonym BIT.EX - a team up of DJ Bitch (RØDHÅD/Distopian-Berlin today) and Korpex (Rocketfired Music-Berlin/Oslo). Long, perfectly structured mixes with 4 turntables, sampler and effects. In 2005, Korpex moved to OSLO to share his driving Groovetech genre in Oslo's club scene.

In recent years, he's made a name for himself at some of Oslo's biggest events, including Footfood (Sunkissed) PERFECTO (with Nima Gorji), Primal Behaviour, Funky Fiction, Torsdagsklubben, Sommerøya Festival.

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