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esident DJ Paul Davies is based in the sleepy surrounds of Frome, Somerset in South West England and for the past 8 years he has developed his Composure Records UK digital imprint and worked as both producer and DJ under various guises (Watchmen, Future Ltd). With one eye on producing music Paul learned to write tracks on a basic home studio set-up. Support from local DJ's and friends spurred the brothers into action sending out their first demo tape to a handful of labels under the Flytrapp guise in 1997. This initial demo provoked labels such as Deconstruction, Fluid, Steel Fish, Limbo and Skinny Malinky to respond.

The brothers began recording for Limbo Records as Flytrapp and then later as Beam Strategic for Quad Communications in 2001. As Beam Strategic the brothers then released "Encoder/Totality" for Quad Communications, another slice of progressive tech house with beautiful atmospherics. Over the next three years the brothers began working on solo projects with Paul building his studio up and working on his own label "Composure" for future digital output as Watchmen and Future Ltd. Composure Records UK is now an established digital label with over 50 releases, is supported by many of the world's established Dj's and has discovered and worked with many of the scene's new and developing producers. As an artist, producer and DJ, Paul continues to develop his sound.

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