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esident DJ Will Law (Seamless) heard a magical tape where tunes started but never seemed to finish. After closer inspection he was told that this was mixing and that you used turntables to mix records, and that is exactly what he started to do.

Will has been DJing since, producing for about 11 years, uses Reason and Ableton amongst other things to make music and takes influence from too many artists to mention here! Hailing from the hill's of Yorkshire, he's been involved with many local free-party sound systems, the most notable being The Toil Sound System and The very tidy pirates. "I guess a little bit of my heart will always be in the fields and illegal buildings where all this partying really started :)"

Will has been involved with many nights over the years including Co-organising Switch in York, and was a part of Soulspun Ltd UK - a team of people dedicated to all aspects of a damn good party.

Will is also a part of the Beatherder festival running the Toil Trees for the 6th year and playing alongside some serious named DJ's. Finally, Will is now producing several E.P.'s for Exceptional Records and Composure Records in the UK.

... and is the main Program Controller for Beatsfactory Radio.
This man is busy!!!!

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