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esident DJ Tim Toil's first pair of decks arrived in their new home in 1997 and were put to good use for the following two years until Tim finally got his break at the Trades Club in 1999.

This was to be the start of something truly special as this would set him on a path to running one of the UK's finest small festivals – The Beatherder. It started with free parties under the name "Toil Sound system" on Millennium Eve in one of the co-organiser's back Garden! This quickly made way for the most amazing site under wind turbines on Oxenhope Moor , where the small enclave of fallen down walls were turned into a village for party goers, before finding the now infamous Toil Trees in Gisburn – home of the Beatherder.

The festival was born in 2006 and has gone from strength to strength, this year pulling in 8,000 patrons and some immense line-ups, winning awards at the national festival awards and becoming something of an institution on the festival circuit.

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